Artist Residency / Painting

Olive grove

The olive groves are all around the area at the foot of Montserrat.  They extend in every direction and have crept into the Love Song with 3 notes  series as well.  I´m not exactly sure what it is about the olive trees,  but it may be the contrast between the dark trunk and the delicate leaves, or  the way they are planted, receeding in careful rows,  with  a well tended to beauty.


Olive grove

Olive grove


Olive grove 2

Olive grove 2

2 thoughts on “Olive grove

  1. Lovely work Antonia, sorry for not writing back sooner. Are you still in Canada? All is well here in Tobernea Terrace. A new tenant has moved into our old place. Tony asked the other day if I knew the code for the alarm but I never used it, did you?

    Had a little show in the NCH last night which was good fun. All is going well in those circles and I’ve a new part-time job based in St Vincents hospital so life is a lot better. Will you be over to Ireland at all some time soon? How is everything else with you?

    Take care,


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