Artist Residency / Drawing

Les Coves, hidden beauty

At times it happens that just when I think something is over,  there is instead, a new development.  I cleared out the studio at Can Serrat preparing to leave and then I received word that I had finally been given permission to draw in Les Coves de Salnitre, on Montserrat mountain, by La Oficina de Turisme de Collbató,  a town not far from El Bruc, Barcelona.
This opportunity was just for one day, during  the 3, or so, hours between tours.
On May 3rd, at 10am, Karine drove me to the cave with all my gear.  After a warm welcome, a chat and the lighting was  turned on, I was left alone with the work.  I was the only one there, no tours, no staff,  just me. It was very quiet.  I heard a bat up high once, but didn’t see any.  It was beautiful, peaceful like a chapel. There was no creepiness. The rock formations seemed alive almost. One formation resembled a man gazing silently upward.
I did several drawings and for a long time I just thought about how beautiful the mountain was on the inside as well as the outside.  It was one of those slow moving times that I knew was significant and could introduce a new direction in my work.
A small painting and sketch are in the collection of la Oficina de Turisme de Collbató 
Pencil drawing.

Pencil drawing.


Small Oil on canvas

Small Oil on canvas


Pastel drawing

Pastel drawing


Pencil drawing

Pencil drawing


One thought on “Les Coves, hidden beauty

  1. I am amazed to see that all this time you were at Can Serrat. How nice! and what a nice opportunity to do these lovely drawings. Where are you now. I suspect you know we are finally back in Mexico. We have just gotten accepted at another art residence in Colorado for 2014 when we hope to be traveling again. Will you go to any more residences? We loved Ozu and you might consider that.

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