Love song with 3 notes

I´ve been thinking about the theme of Love Song for some time.  In a way it was eclipsed by other recent work, but now it has begun to emerge quietly at the Can Serrat Residency. There is a thematic eclipse going on, but the idea of Eclipse is in itself an important

Variations on recent themes and turquoise



Dublin exhibition, May 31st 2012;  Saint Catherine’s Church, Thomas Street, Dublin, hosted an exhibition of my work opening Thursday, May 31st, and running through June 3rd. 2012. This exhibition was the first part of a new project intended to create a space for art at this historic church.

Mont Serrat Barcelona; Antonia McGuane

The Ephemeral series

                        This series was exhibited in Barcelona – at the artist residency where it began  Jiwar Creation & Society, Gracia, Barcelona on April 28 2012.

Untitled, October


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