About the artist

Antonia McGuane is an Irish artist. She has lived and worked in both, Nova Scotia, Canada and Dublin, Ireland.  Since 2010, McGuane has spent dedicated time working and exhibiting in Spain as an artist in residence at Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Jiwar Creation & Society, Barcelona and Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas, El Bruc, Barcelona. These residencies allowed her to focus completely on her arts practice. During her time at Jiwar, in Barcelona, she became involved in a project based on drawings from life of The Castellars de Ville de Gracia, drawing inspiration from their activities which fuelled her work. While on her second Can Serrat residency, 2013 McGuane was the Artist Coordinator.  She interviewed and photographed the work of,  over 20 international artists and marketed the blog for the Can Serrat residency.

In September 2016 Antonia was artist in residence at 2 Rooms ContemporaryArt Projects, a registered non-profit corporation operating in Newfoundland and Labrador. http://www.2roomscontemporaryartprojects.com/artist-residency/   The residency’s quiet location in Duntara on the Bonavista peninsula surrounded by the dramatic landscape of the North Atlantic coast of Newfoundland was both contemplative and inspirational.

McGuane has work in The Canada Council Art Bank and Acadia University Art Gallery, Nova Scotia.   From her time at Can Serrat two works done on site in les Coves de Salnitre, Collbato are in the collection of Ajuntament de Collbato.  She also has work in the collection of Can Serrat.

With a strong sense of community, In Dublin, McGuane volunteered as an artist with non-profit organizations such as Clowns for Haiti, Grandma’s, an organization that offered support to families affected by HIV and AIDS and as well as art workshops for children Nepal while accompanying a group working to provide fresh water pumps in remote areas.

McGuane was educated at the Limerick School of Art and Design and De Vrije Academy, The Hague. She has been the recipient of arts grants that have supported her work, in Canada and Ireland.


Charcoal drawing on paper: H 50 cm x W 70 cm


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