Some drawings from the studio, 2 Rooms, Duntara.

      I had the pleasure of being one of the artists in residence at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects for 3 weeks in September 2016.  Duntara is on the Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland, on The North Atlantic Coast.  It’s very beautiful and very peaceful.    

Rewrite; Lament

Vilassar de Mar 2020. Though I painted these at the beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t start them because of the pandemic — I had been working on ideas based on the baseline from Dido’s Lament, and then the pandemic began and the ideas seemed to fall into place.  



Out of the box.

Toronto 2018 This Summer I’ve been back in Toronto.  Palm trees, Pigeons, Parrots and Helicopters from my sketchbook notes have become topics  in larger work.  Drawing titled Palm trees and helicopters 2 was exhibited at Howard Park Institute,  HPI through August 2018.  An earlier painting An end to a robber

Fugue Series

Toronto, Summer 2017 Here are some pieces from a current series of abstract drawings.  Drawing titled Fugue in 4 colours was exhibited at Howard Park Institute, through August 2017.  HPI was started in 2011 by artist Catherine Beaudette who hosts work by a Canadian, or international artist, every month in

Following The Plough

The Plough has been a recurring theme in my work.  Here are some pieces from a series of drawings in pencil.  Photography by Joel Clifton                  

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