Fugue Series

Toronto, Summer 2017

Here are some pieces from a current series of abstract drawings.  Drawing titled Fugue in 4 colours was exhibited at Howard Park Institute, through August 2017.  HPI was started in 2011 by artist Catherine Beaudette who hosts work by a Canadian, or international artist, every month in the store front window of her studio,  located at Howard Park Road and Dundas Street West in Toronto. This Summer Catherine arranged an experimental summer residency that included an invitation to show some of the results at HPI. The HPI facebook page and Instagram are currently under construction and will go live very soon.  Photography by Joel Clifton


Fugue in 4 colours;  Drawing in Oil Bar on primed paper;  H 62cm x W 106cm; Exhibited at HPI August 2017.


Urban Fugue no. 2; Drawing in Oil Bar on primed paper; H 63cm x W 102cm


Urban Fugue no. 1;  Drawing in Oil Bar on primed paper;  H 61cm x W 107cm


Hard Bitten Fugue no. 1;  Drawing in Oil Bar on primed paper;  H 62cm x W 106cm


Hard Bitten Fugue no. 2;  Drawing in Oil Bar and Pastel on primed paper;  H 62cm x W 106cm


Fugue for a day of incredible sadness; Drawing in Oil Bar on Terraskin paper; H 68cm x W 100cm





4 Replies to “Fugue Series”

  1. Carol Bajen-Gahm says:

    Hi Antonia,

    Thanks for sending these to me! They are wonderful and I’m glad to see that they are getting seen. I’ll be looking for the Facebook page.

    Are you in Toronto now? Hope your summer is going well. I have a solo show at Christina Parker Gallery coming up in October, so am pretty busy right now!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Elizabeth says:

    These are strong… and full of gumption! Cool.

  3. Sharon Gunn says:

    Hi Antonia, I agree these are strong and full of gumption. Very strong really like the Fugue series.

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